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Value of curry leaves you never knew

Curry leaves are very much popular in tropical and subtropical countries. Most of the people live in South Asia use this as a spice too. Have you got any idea about the category of which this plant belongs to? Curry plant belongs to the family of Rutaceae. “Why are these leaves more valuable? What is included in them”? These are some of the questions you may have right now. Curry leaves are rich in carbazole alkaloids. Curry leaves provide lots of benefits due to this compound. Apart from that, they are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and iron too. This further enhances the value of curry leaves, and many use this for various treatments. Are you aware of the importance of curry leaves? Today we will take you through some of the values of curry leaves and how we can use those for our benefit.


01. Control diabetes

Value of curry leaves to control diabetes

Recent research shows us that curry leaves can reduce glucose levels in our blood. It further sowed that curry leaves can protect insulin-producing cells of our body from radical damages. Other studies suggest that vitamins like iron and zinc lower the sugar level due to its ability to stimulate the pancreas. So consider adding curry leaves to your diet. Why spend more on medicines when you have natural treatments like this? Curry leaves can protect and raise insulin-producing pancreatic cells. This will surely reduce/lower your blood sugar level in your body. So, just try it and feel the difference.


02. Reduce body weight

Body weight

“Curry leaves as a method to reduce our body weight”? This may be the question that most of you have right now. Yes, my friend, you can use curry leaves to control your body weight. Mahanimbine included in curry leaves will reduce your cholesterol level in your body. This, in return, will support you in reducing your body weight. So try to add curry leaves to your daily meals, especially for salads. This will be a piece of good news for all who are trying to reduce their body weights. So, just try this for a while and see the results.


03. Protect your hair

Protect your hair

“Can curry leaves protect my hair”? Yes, my friend, curry leaves can protect and strengthen your hair in many ways. It can promote hair growth, prevent dandruff, and many more. Curry leaves can stimulate hair follicles of our body, and this promotes hair growth. What causes dandruff? Dandruff is caused by Malassezia furfur infection. Studies show that curry leaves have antifungal reactions towards this fungus. This will protect your hair from dandruff and strengthen your scalp in return. So are you looking for dandruff free and younger-looking hair? Just try to add curry leaves to your diet.


04. For a better vision

Better vision

Curry leaves can improve your eyesight. Do you know why? It is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for protecting your eye cornea. Our ancestors used fresh curry leaves juice as a treatment for eyes. But let me tell you something. Try this with the supervision of a professional. Components included in curry leaves will reduce the risk of cataract too. So it is not a difficult thing. Therefore just add some raw curry leaves to your diet.


05. For healing wounds and burns

Healing wounds and burns

Medical researches show that curry leaves can fasten the healing process of wounds. This is because of mahanimbicine. It further stated that this also promoted hair growth in the wounded area too. Are you aware of this? We will provide you a simple treatment recipe to use in such situations.

Grind fresh curry leaves until it becomes a paste. Then add a little amount of water and apply it to the wounded area. Then cover with a bandage if needed and let it be for a while. You will be amazed by the result. So, just try it and see the results by yourself.


So hope that you have gained much valuable information about the value of curry leaves. Some of them might be new to you. So try it and see the outcome. Adding curry leaves to your diet will not be hard and expensive. So try it and feel the difference.

Stay with us for much more valuable information like this to make your life healthier


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