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Experts Say Homemade Hand Sanitizers Aren’t the Best Option


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading worldwide, and it has become a global issue in the current moment. Also, this disease has created many problems right now. For instance, many countries closed their manufacturing factories, and it has led to a shortage of medicines.

In addition to that, the shortage of sanitizer is another big problem in the world today. As a result of that, people are making their hand sanitizers as a solution. Is it healthy? What are the side effects that may arise from such kind of products?

Let’s talk about this important topic in today’s article!


The recent price increase of hand sanitizers

The demand for hand sanitizers increased due to the rapid transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  As you all know, the high demand for a particular product creates a push for its price too. As a result of that, the prices of these products are now at a very high level.

Unfortunately, there is a 50% increase in these price levels at this time. What we can identify here is, some people are enjoying the advantage of this unfortunate. They have not considered the impact that can arise related to public health practices.

While this disease has already impacted in a terrible way to the economy for many countries, people will not be able to pay for such kind of expensive things. Moreover, some of them half of their salaries these days.

Furthermore, people cannot afford these products even they are receiving a fixed income. That’s why people are looking for alternatives.


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Importance of high-quality sanitizer

As we mentioned earlier, hand sanitizers are very hard to find these days. According to the experts, you must be very careful when you are purchasing these do-it-yourself products or making your ones.

Maintaining health is the foremost solution to avoid this Coronavirus (COVID-19). Especially, clean hands are the most special requirement here as it helps to prevent the transmission of the disease. There are some recommendations regarding the manufacturing of these hand sanitizers.

For instance, Alcohol-based sanitizers must include 62 % or 70% isopropanol and 60% ethanol. These ingredients will help to avoid the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and most of the time you can use them whenever you cannot access to water and soap.

How to use hand sanitizer

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The risk of using homemade sanitizers

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a recommended procedure in manufacturing these hand sanitizers. If you are making on your own, there is a risk. Let’s take an example incident.

A boy who is living in New Jersey suffered burns as a result of using a spray sanitizer made by an owner of a local 7-eleven store. He had mixed water with foaming sanitizer, which is not commercially available.

Furthermore, the boy has noticed chemical burns on his legs and arms. Before the police saw this action, the owner has sold 14 bottles.

As well as that, experts have published some safety guidelines to make these products using hydrogen peroxide and ethanol. However, it is too complicated for an average person.

You will be able to buy 71% or 91% of isopropyl alcohol or 70% of plain liquid ethanol from the pharmacy. Even they are not gentle on hands as the commercial gels, and they will work.



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