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Heart Attack Risk Factors – Important for You

Heart attacks can be identified as one of the fast-growing diseases among people. There are several risk factors which cause heart attacks. Among them, some of the heart attack risk factors are controllable while others cannot. It is our life. So the main responsibility of our life is with us. You need to take care of yourself than others. So, now we will see the heart attack risk factors one by one.

Heart attack risk factors which are not controllable


1. Gender


Researches over the years prove that males are at a higher risk of getting heart attacks than women.


2. Age


For men – The risk is considerably high for men over 45 years

For women – The risk is high for women over 55 years


3. The history of the family

The history of the family

Do you have family members with heart diseases? Then you should take care of yourself more. Regular check-ups need to be done.

Heart attack risk factors which are controllable


1. Smoking and taking alcohol

Smoking and taking alcohol

Continuous smoking and addicted to taking alcohol can be a significant factor for heart attack.


2. Obesity


High blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure cause obesity. This will eventually increase the risk of heart attacks.


3. Diabetes


Inability to produce a sufficient amount of hormone from the pancreas is the main symptom of diabetes. This will increase the risk of heart attacks too.


4. High stress

High stress

Are you a person with lots of stress? The way you react to those stressful incidents can increase the risk of heart attacks.


5. Lack of physical activities

Lack of physical activities

Physical inactivity causes high blood pressure. High blood pressure is identified as a significant factor for heart attacks.

We have discussed some of the factors which are controllable and are not controllable one by one. So keep these factors in mind and act accordingly. Next, we will see some of the common symptoms of heart attacks.


Lack of physical activities

  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain or burning sensation inside the heart
  • Difficulty of breathing
  • Cold sweat
  • Dizziness


Keep in mind that the above symptoms are some of the basic and common ones found in heart patients. These symptoms can be varied according to the type of patient. Some may feel two or three, while others have none. But, for most of the patients, the earliest sign is the continuous pain around the chest area. So this is the time that you need to go for a doctor without waiting for more.

Next, we will provide you with some of the smart tips that you can follow if you feel these symptoms or when you observe someone with a possible heart attack.


British ambulance parked

  • First, call for emergency medical help via emergency contact numbers.
  • Take aspirin if your doctor recommends it as it can reduce the damage to the heart by keeping your blood from clotting.
  • See a doctor as soon as possible.

So hope that we have given you some of the essential facts about heart attack risk factors here. In addition to that, we have also given you some common symptoms and tips to act in those emergencies as well—your life matters. Several others depend on your life. So be alert. Take the necessary medications and be active. It will reduce the risk of heart attacks.


Stay with us for much more important facts like this to make your life healthier





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