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How to Brighten Your Skin – Rice Water and Ice Cubes

Do you have a dream to have bright skin? It is the dream of everyone. People look for different ways to make their skin bright. But, have found better results from expensive products you use? On the other hand, can you use such expensive products regularly? Most would say, “NO”. So, considering that we have decided to bring you 02 items that you can make use of to brighten your skin quickly. They are rice water and ice cubes. Have you ever thought those 02 as skin brighteners? Above all, these are very cheap and can be found anywhere too.


Rice water for skin brightening

how to brighten your skin

how to brighten your skin

Why have you gone behind expensive skin brightening products when you already have something special at your kitchen pantry? Yes, my friend. Most of us do not know the value of rice water. Rice water has minerals good for skin and hair too. Japanese use this for many years and have a look at the skin of the Japanese. Aren’t they bright and healthy? The special vitamin B complex “inositol” helps to enhance blood flow of the people and improve cell growth to reduce ageing. In addition to that, rice water consists of antioxidants and moisturizing properties too. This also provides a fantastic and healthy skin for you. Most of the women in Asia have been using this technique for years. They use rice water, both skin and hair, to keep both nice and healthy.

Now we will provide you with a special recipe to prepare rice water mixture and directions to apply it to your skin.

Things you need to prepare the mixture

  • 01 cup of rice
  • 02 cups of water
  • 01 bowl
  • A glass jar and cotton pads


  • First, take the cup of rice and wash the rice there once.
  • Then, pour 02 cups of water into it.
  • After that, keep it for about 02 hours until the water gets a cloudy nature.
  • Then pour it to a glass jar.
  • Next, take a cotton pad and soak it in the rice water. After that, apply it on your face thoroughly.

It is that simple, my friends. You can have your skin brightening rice water with ease and basically for nothing in terms of cost.


Ice cubes for skin brightening

how to brighten your skin

An ice cube to brighten your skin? Yes, my friend. Just think about it. Now we will see the ways you can use ice cubes to brighten your skin.

You can make your ice cubes treatment at home. First, add some lemon to the water and let it freeze. Then you can apply it to your skin, especially face twice a day. See the difference by yourself. In addition to the brightening, you can also take care of acne and, skin burns and allergies too by using applying ice cubes to the infected areas.


how to brighten your skin

On the other hand, by applying ice cubes on your skin will prevent bacterial reactions taking place on the skin, and this will protect our skin from pimples too. Are you dreaming of having skin without pimples? Then, this is one for you. Just need to try it and fell the difference it makes to your skin. Women face so much pain while waxing. Are you thinking of a solution for it? Rubbing ice cubes over those areas will remove your pain in no time.

So, hope that you have the vital information on how to brighten your skin using this. So, do not waste so much of money for skin whitening cream and products hereafter. Just, try these once and see. Above all, these natural treatments will not bring any side effects like many other products too.

Stay with us for much more important facts like this to make your life more happy and beautiful.


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