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Simple Upper Body Workout At Home

You don’t have time to visit the gym and still want to grow a muscular body, right? First off, let us tell you, it is possible and you don’t need any fancy equipment to start your journey. You have more freedom in doing upper body work out at home, and if you follow a good routine, you will reap the benefits sooner rather than later. All you have to do is stay committed to the job. We know you want your dream body, and we will help you out. Let’s get started. Before we start to mention the exercises, let us motivate you by telling you the benefits you get by doing an upper body workout at home.


Benefits of doing upper body workout at home

  • The first benefit you receive is that you don’t have to buy any equipment. Also, considering the pandemic era we live in, it is always better to avoid public interactions as much as possible.
  • Convenience is another advantage. You can do exercises anytime you like, and you don’t have to specifically prepare and go out to the gym. Even you can do weight lifting exercises without the need for a complete gym set up at your home.
  • You will educate about fitness and your body yourself when you exercise at home. Understanding your body is utterly important, and it is way better if you learn the art on your own.
  • You can wear anything you like, listen to any music you want, no germs, you have your privacy, and you can’t provide excuses to yourself. So, what else you need to start workouts at home?


Simple upper body workout at home



upper body workout at home

Alternating punches are good for your chest, shoulders and triceps. Here is how you do it. Fist your hands and keep one foot ahead of the other. Start punching below the chin level by extending hands fully forward. Make sure you create straight lines when you punch and bring your hands to the chest in each punch.

Start the process slowly and gradually increase the power of punches. You can do this exercise without any equipment at the beginning. After a few days, it would be best if you hold two light-weighted objects or dumbbells while punching.


Arm raises

upper body workout at home

This exercise can be done as lateral and front arm raises, and they are particularly good for shoulders and chest. First, stand tall, look straight and straighten your arms. Now, raise the arms straight to chest levels and lateral to shoulder level creating semi-circular motions. You can stick with 30 reps at the beginning and increase the amount as you move on.

Also, you can grab two dumbbells for better results. Please don’t rush through the movements, do them slowly and steadily. You should be feeling the heat on the shoulder joints and chest when you do this properly.



upper body workout at home

Planks are a popular exercise among fitness enthusiasts, and it is an efficient one you can do at your home without any equipment. They are good for your abdominal muscles, hip and chest. Go to plank position by placing your shoulders directly over the elbows and keep your body in a straight line. The total body weight is now on your toes and elbows.

Stay in this position for at least 40 seconds, and try to repeat it three reps in 30-second intervals. Your hip and lower back may tend to drop down after the first rep at the start. The main focus should be maintaining a straight line of the body throughout the process.



upper body workout at home

No upper workout at home list is a complete one without pushups on it; it’s the same with our one. Pushups are excellent for shoulders, arms, chest, triceps and abdominal muscles. Keep your arms slightly wider from the shoulder position and bring your body down in a straight line. Push your chest down to the floor and move up using the elbows.

This can be a hard exercise, especially for beginners and energy-draining as well. So, in the initial days, you can place your feet on a sofa or anything like that to get used to pushups. But, this isn’t the most productive way of doing it, and you should try to execute the exercise in the usual way to get most of your effort.

Another way you can go at the beginning is, keeping your knees on the floor and completing pushups in the same way. But, we again want to emphasize to you it is not ideal for the long run and, as they say, “no pain, no gain.”


Floor triceps pushups

upper body workout at home

These pushups are tailor-made for triceps, shoulders and chest muscles. From a seated stance on the floor, bring your feet towards the hips by bending them from your knees. Now, keep your palms vertically down on the floor and push your body up using your palms and by bending the elbow. You should extend the arms fully when lifting the body up and the movement has to be done at a reasonable speed.

If you feel any difficulty while executing the exercise, you can pause and sit after a few reps. Also do not bring the knees much closer to your abdominal muscle, it will limit the repetition, and your elbows will get hurt. The ambition of this exercise is not to force unnecessary weight on your elbows but to train your shoulders and chest.

Besides the above-mentioned workouts, the below ones are also productive, and you can do them at your home without any equipment.


  • Dragon walk
  • Diamond pushups
  • Plank raises
  • Shoulder presses



Doing upper body workout at home is not difficult, and it’s is the best way forward considering the time we are living in right now. As you know the benefits and a few productive exercises, now it’s time for the execution. Before we say adios, keep in mind to start slowly if you are new to these things and move gradually towards your goals. You will reach there slowly but surely. Have a great day!


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