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Six Simple and Heart Healthy Breakfast Options

Starting a day with good habits is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for various valid reasons. However, due to the modern-day demands, we rarely have enough time in our armory to pay much attention to it. But, if you keep giving that as an excuse to eat junk food, you are bound to face tons of health issues in the long run. Yeah, today’s article is about heart healthy breakfast.

heart healthy breakfast


What should I consider in a heart healthy breakfast?

Before we elaborate on the food options, we thought it would be beneficial if we describe the factors you should consider in a heart healthy breakfast. Keep these elements in your mind when choosing breakfast to get the maximum health benefits out of it.


Size of the meal

It doesn’t matter whether you are eating healthy or not if you eat too big meals. As a matter of fact, even the healthy stuff can become injurious when consumed excessively. So, know your daily calorie intake and eat accordingly to stay within limits and to make the most out of the breakfast.


Swap junks with healthy food

This is the most important thing to consider if you want to eat a heart healthy breakfast. Yes, we know it’s easier said than done. You might find it very difficult to fulfill your craving with healthy food. This is where you have to be tactical. As an example, it would be a workable idea to swap whole-grain toasts with bread or buns.

The rule of thumb is to minimize the processed food, but there are a few healthy options in the category as well. So, always know about the food you put inside of your tummy to stay away from unforgiving health issues.


Sweet condiments

Whether you are ready to accept it or not, most breakfast options contain sweeteners like jelly, honey, sugar, and jam. If you want a healthy life, sweeteners are something that you should limit consumption as much as possible. On the other hand, they will increase the calorie intake as well.



This is another crucial factor. Take a minute and think about your breakfast beverage choices. Do they contain sugar? Your answer would be yes on most occasions. A heart healthy breakfast does not consist of sugar-high beverages. Instead, opt for water, coffee, or tea, with little to no sugar, of course.

Coffee and tea contain a fewer amount of calories compared to most popular drinks, and these two drinks will keep you energetic throughout the day as well.


Read labels

How many of you read the labels of the food items that you buy from a grocery? Most of us tend to neglect this. One major reason is that most people don’t know how to read labels and understand nutrition facts. First of all, learn what to avoid and what to stick with and choose accordingly.


Heart Healthy Breakfast Options

Preparing a heart healthy breakfast doesn’t take a lot of time. Also, they are not difficult to make. That is one myth we wanted to crack. You will get to know this after reading the below recipes.


Avocado and whole grain bread

heart healthy breakfast

This is one of the simple and healthiest heart healthy breakfasts you will ever come across. All you have to do is mash an avocado and apply the paste on the toasted whole-grain bread slices; simple as that. In order to add more flavor you can use tomato, onion, or egg.


Boiled eggs

If your aim is to get a heart healthy breakfast with a bucket full of protein, this is the most convenient option you have. We think there is no need to explain how to boil an egg! However, make sure you hard boil them to get maximum benefits.


Omelet and vegetables

One or a couple of omelets would be more than enough as a heart healthy breakfast, and it won’t demand much of your valuable time from the morning hours as well. You can use bell peppers, tomato, cheese, onions, and fresh herbs to blend more taste and nutrients into this easy recipe. Moreover, try to use olive oil in place of regular cooking oil to obtain more heart healthy fat.



heart healthy breakfast

If you are already an oat-lover, this breakfast is going to be a cakewalk for you, and oats contain properties that are good for heart health. Here is how you do it. First, put oats in a pan or a container and pour milk over it. Then keep the container in a fridge overnight. Take it out in the morning, give the mix a good stir and add peanut butter or nuts before you eat. It’s delicious and super-healthy.


Veggie and meat scramble

This might not be the most time-saving heart healthy breakfast out there, but definitely one of the healthiest. You can use bacon, chicken (ground), sweet potato, mushroom, onions, and garlic in this recipe. Simply put some extra virgin olive oil into a pan and cook all the ingredients in it. In the end, you can season the mix with your preferred spices. This is a versatile recipe, and you can include veggies like spinach, bell pepper, and cauliflower as well.


English muffin sandwich

If you are feeling bored with the previously mentioned recipes (you shouldn’t be, though), you can try this sandwich option. In fact, we all love sandwiches, don’t we? However, the conventional type sandwiches cannot be bracketed as heart healthy breakfasts; it’s not the case with this breakfast option.

Here is how. Take sliced tomato, egg, onions, cheese, and greens and fill a toasted whole-grain English muffin. That’s all!


Conclusion on heart healthy breakfasts

Guys, what do you think; is it impossible to stick with heart healthy breakfasts? We think your answer would be “no” after reading the article. Before we say goodbye, please remember, prevention is better than cure. Human body is the most amazing machine world has ever seen. Have a great day!





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