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How to lower high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a common problem among the people in the modern world, and it has affected one person from 4 adults in the UK. Unfortunately, this severe condition does not show any kind of sign or symptom in the short term.

First, get an idea about your blood pressure!

How can we know about our blood pressure? It is not difficult. You can easily read it with the help of a practice nurse. Otherwise, purchase a blood pressure monitor that is available at the pharmacies.

Luckily, we can avoid this issue with some lifestyle changes daily,

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What is this high blood pressure?

The blood pressure that we can find in a healthy person is below 120. Also, it should be over 80. Most of the time, people have blood pressure between these upper and lower lines.

Furthermore, we address it as high blood pressure when it reaches over 140 / 90 consistently. After that, the patient must follow several actions to avoid this level. For instance, relevant physical activities, a healthy diet, and other changes will be helpful.

On the other hand, blood pressure of 90 / 60 or less is named as low. It is not a severe condition to concern too much.


Tips for maintaining a healthy blood pressure

Taking the necessary steps to avoid the illnesses is better than taking the treatments after affecting it. So, follow the below mention actions to get rid of the high blood pressure.


  • Lose five pounds

Weight is the main risk related to high blood pressure. So, losing weight is very important in this case. Otherwise, it will cause to develop the illness.

Moreover, take the required steps to maintain a proper weight. You can follow a healthy diet, drink water instead of sugary drinks.


  • Be full of beans

Beans are a great food to fight against high blood pressure. So, eat foods such as white beans, potatoes, and dark leafy greens as they include potassium.

In addition to that, these foods cause to get rid of the extra sodium and fluid from the bloodstream with the efficient work of the kidneys. Finally, it will lead to reducing blood pressure.


  • Walk it off

Daily exercises can do a great help when you are suffering from high blood pressure. Also, it strengthens the heart. So, what can I do as exercise? What is the recommended period to do yoga?

For instance, you can try walking, swimming, jogging, dancing, or cycling as the daily exercises. The recommended duration is 30 minutes. So, do these activities five times a week.


  • Take deep breaths

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves both physical and mental wellbeing. So, stress is another factor that can improve high blood pressure. So, you must avoid it too.

Furthermore, it will be better to do deep breathing and relaxation techniques. As well as that, getting a night of proper sleep and exercise are other steps that you can take here.


  • Stick to just the limit

Taking too much alcohol is always bad for the body. So, it improves the high blood pressure also. If you cannot avoid the habit, try to be within limits.

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