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The Second Wave of Coronavirus

Even though many share different opinions about the origin of the coronavirus, still the world is trying to find the exact place of origin of this virus. China is currently identified as the starting point of this virus, and this has now affected almost every part of the world. Currently, there are 8,144,097 confirmed cases in the world, with 443,801 deaths reported so far. On the other hand, 3,976,170 patients have recovered from this virus too. Many countries imposed travel bans and curfews throughout the world to stop and control the spread of this virus from the beginning of this year. Now many countries have successfully managed to control the range of this and lifted some of their restrictions. But the fear of the second wave of coronavirus has somewhat come into a reality with 100 new confirmed cases from Beijing, China.

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Researches show that Beijing was able to control the coronavirus to some extent, as there were no patients for the last 50 days. But suddenly Beijing reported 100 new cases last week. How did that happen? Did it start from a foreigner? Chinese government thinks so. Medical experts state that this could be a possible second wave of coronavirus. So the threat is still there. They further say that even though it took about 02 months to report the first 100,000 COVID 19 cases, there are 100,000 cases every day. So can you imagine the spread of this virus? This has something to fear, my friends. Medical experts further revealed that 75% of these new cases reported from America and South Asia. To see the spread. So many suspects of them suspect a possible second wave of this virus.


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What can be the reasons for this second wave if the coronavirus? There is no one else to blame my friends. The responsibility of minimizing and controlling this virus is in our hands. What did we do after lifting of travel and other restrictions? Did we work according to the health guidelines issued by the medical industry? Just take a moment and think. Most of your answers will be “No.” So how can we stop the spread of a virus dangerous like this in this way? It is said that the latest 100 new confirmed cases were found from a mall in Beijing. Somebody has done something wrong for sure. So the problem is with us. We are to be blamed, not anyone else. World Health Organization first identified humans as the only transmission mode of this virus. They later discovered that this could be transmitted even through the air.

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So, Social distancing, regular sanitize all came into being. People followed these well during the initial stages. What happened next created all this mess.

With the relaxation of restrictions, people forgot all their good health practices and are again starting to feel the fear of the second wave of coronavirus. We all tend to forget everything quickly and think that we still have not understood the real danger of this virus. If we continue to behave like this, the second wave will come sooner. Unlike the first time, we will not have time to think even. It will affect and spread like a rash. So be responsible. We will consider ourselves like this.


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Think you as a coronavirus patient

So be responsible not to spread to others

If we all consider ourselves as patients, our world is safe. Otherwise, next to Beijing, maybe your home town. Let us work as one to stop this and control the second outbreak of this. It will save even Billions considering the nature of this virus. Therefore be responsible and find yourself a coronavirus patient. This will protect your society from this virus, and our world will be back to normal like before soon.

Stay with us for much more interesting facts like this to make your life more knowledgeable and healthier.


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