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Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands in 2020

Green tea” was first introduced by China. Now it is spread all over the world and many people have it rather than normal tea brands because of its rich health value. Have you heard about the benefits of having green tea before?

If not these are some of the main health benefits of having green tea. Having green tea reduces the risk of heart diseases, sharpens our memory capacity, and sometimes used as a treatment for cancers too. So think about it. We will bring you some of the best green tea brands that you can try in 2020. Here we go then;




NUMI was founded in 1999 by Ahmed and Reem Rahim. Do you know the story behind the name ‘NUMI”? It originated from the Arabic word “Citrus”. Even though this brand is not much old, it got famous throughout the world because of its unique flavor.


Tea Forte tea brand

This was founded by Peter Hewitt in 2003. This brand includes dark tea, green tea, and chai tea. The specialty here is there is a tea leaf included in each tea bag. This brand is famous all around the world for its taste.


KENKO Matcha Green Tea Brand

This brand has a special ability in providing cell reinforcements to the body. Do you have problems with digesting food? Then this is just for you. This helps digestion too. This brand of tea is made with lots of care and all by hand to deliver the best quality products to the customers.


Can you guess the Mariage Freres

originated year of this brand? This was introduced in 1854 in Paris. The leaves used for the preparation of this tea brand is obtained from Mount Fuji. This is filled with vitamin C and not much bitter like other green ta brands. The average cost of a 2.5-gram packet is about $30.



This is one of the best-selling tea brands in China and the company says that they do not add any artificial flavors to make it sweet. Teavivre uses tea leaves of the highest quality to make it healthier. The average cost of a tea packet is about $28.


The Tea Spot

Tea Spot is more famous among green tea lovers for its meditative effect. Can a cup of tea make you more relax and calm? Have you ever thought about it? Here is the answer for you. This tea brand will relax your mind and make you calmer. This comes in two flavors as jasmine and rosebud.



TeaVana is one of the top-selling green tea brands in the world right now. Blackberry mojito green tea is one of the top-selling products of this brand and it is made to make your hard day somewhat relaxed. The mint flavor of this brand is the signature taste among customers. Most people regard this as the best green tea brand, especially for the summer. The average cost of this is around $11.


Organic India

This brand was introduced by India. Here Green tea products are made of Tulsi leaves, which is known to be a leaf with high medicinal value. The tea products of this brand normally provide a sweet vege taste to its customers. The average price of this is about $8.


Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea

Picture by Lipton

This is a British green tea brand and was introduced in 1890. This is made from the finest tea leaves around the globe. Iced tea, Orange Passionfruit Jasmine and White Mangosteen Peach are some of the famous flavors around the world. This is also can be used as a weight-loss method.


Tazo Zen Green Tea

Tazo Zen Green Tea

This is another famous green tea brand and introduced to the world in 1994. This is more famous among people due to the special ingredients used. It will boost the metabolism of a person and helps people to lose weight too. Currently, there are about 17 flavors under this brand.

So we have brought you some of the best green tea brands in 2020. The choice is up to you. You must select the best-suited brand for your requirement. Just think about this. Every green tea brand is not good for your health. You must select a branch that suits your body. So hope that this will come in handy for you when selecting a green ta brand.

Stay with us for more important stuff to make your life easier and healthier.


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