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05 Types of tea that you can add to your nighttime routine for a happy sleep

Want to add a tea for your sleep? According to the latest research, many are struggling with a lack of sleep at night time. What can be the reason for it? There can be many, but our focus here is to find something that can help you to sleep at night time. What about a cup of tea before sleep? The latest researches have found that having a hot cup of tea will be a perfect remedy for this issue. According to them, sipping a cup of tea will provide a command to our brain saying that “it is the end of the day. So it’s time to slow down and go to sleep”. So we will bring you 05 types of sleep tea recipe that you can add to your nighttime routine for a happy sleep.


01. St. John’s Wort sleep tea recipe

St. John’s Wort tea

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St. John’s Wort tea is used to treat depression because of its natural herbal value. Anxiety and stress are identified as the main reasons for sleep troubles and insomnia. As St. John’s Wort tea is also used to treat anxiety, this can be a perfect option for your night time tea. Above all, GABA receptors in our body are responsible for releasing the chemicals needed for our sleep. St. John’s Wort tea has the power to stimulate the GABA receptors in our body. So don’t you want to try this?


02. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

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Chamomile tea is one of the best herbal teas going around. In addition to that this promotes a good night’s sleep too. People all over the world use this tea as a nightly bedtime tea. Above all, it is also found that the high amount of herbal value in this relaxes the minds of people and adds a calming influence to people’s minds. So just try it and feel the difference.


03. Peppermint sleep tea recipe

Peppermint tea

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“Peppermint tea as a bedtime tea”? Did this come to your mind straight away? No right. We all know Peppermint tea as something to boost our energy. Apart from it also has the power to improve digestion and calm your stomach. Have you ever heard about this before? Many would say, “no”. Problems in digestion can be the cause of your sleeping issue. So try this after your dinner and feel the experience by yourself.


04. Passionflower sleep tea recipe

Passionflower tea

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We use Passionflower to prevent stress and anxiety. Many use it as a remedy for mild insomnia too. So Passionflower tea can be your solution for your sleeping difficulty. It will ease the stress and anxiety of your mind and produce chemicals needed for your sleep. The results of a recent study also suggest that Passionflower tea is good for better nighttime sleep.


05. Lavender tea

Lavender tea

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Lavender oil uses to calm and relax the minds of people. It is also found that lavender can be used to reduce the level of the heart rate which causes relaxation. So consider adding Lavender tea as your nigh bedtime tea? It will reduce your stress and will let you sleep happily. So try it.


We have brought you 05 types of sleep tea recipe that you can add to your nighttime routine for a happy sleep. Insomnia, the physiological issues that make you sleepless can be relieved by adding a proper night time tea. So are you having trouble sleeping at night? Consider adding one of these to your nighttime routine and feel the difference. You will have a better sleep for sure.


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