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10 Foods to Increase Blood Platelets

Are you looking for foods to increase blood platelets? As we all know, platelets are the most important component of the blood circulatory system in our body. In addition, platelets protect us from excess blood loss in the event of an accident by blood clotting. Are you aware of the average platelet count of a healthy human being? It is 150,000 – 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Therefore we have brought you 10 foods that increase platelets in the blood of your body. We will see them one by one.


01. Pomegranate


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Pomegranates are high with vitamin C, and iron. Vitamin C and iron nutrients loaded in Pomegranate help you to boost the platelet count of your body. This in return reduces the risk of diseases too. In addition, this also helps to increase your platelet count in diseases like Dengue fever due to its rich vitamins. Above all, you can have pomegranates in many ways. Have you ever tried a pomegranate juice? Just try it. So, you can add it to salads and smoothies too.


02. Beetroot


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Beetroots are rich in iron and vitamins which are considered to be major components of red blood cells. Recent research proves that having beetroots twice a week increases your platelet count in the body. So beetroot should be considered high when you are looking for something to increase your platelet count. “How can I have beetroot”? You can have beetroot like soup and even like a salad too.


03. Garlic


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Garlic is considered highly as a food item to purify our blood circulatory system. But, have you ever thought about it as a platelet booster? If not, consider adding it more to your meal as it has the power to increase your platelet count naturally.


04. Raisins 


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“Raisins as a food item to increase our platelet count”? Yes, my friend, most of you are using raisins as a delicious snack like a thing. You add it to oatmeals, puddings, and many other food items. But note that they are high in iron. So they help you to increase your blood count of the body. Therefore consider adding it into your meals as well.


05. Papaya leaves 

Papaya leaves

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Are you looking for something to increase your platelet count in conditions like Dengue and Malaria? Then Papaya leaves can be regarded as one of the natural ways. You need to boil papaya leaves in water and then drink the water solution after removing the leaves. This will help you boost your platelet count and provide you with a healthy blood circulatory system too. So consider having it twice a week for better results.


06. Wheatgrass


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Wheatgrass is identified as one of the main food items to increase your platelet count naturally. Recent studies done in the medical industry show that Wheatgrass increase both platelets and red blood cells in the body. In addition to that, it increases the white blood cells and hemoglobin of our blood too. This is due to the chlorophyll component included in Wheatgrass. You do not have to do much. So consider adding some lemon juice to a cup of Wheatgrass juice and have it.


07. Fish/ Beef/ Chicken

Fish Beef Chicken

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All these food items are high in proteins. Proteins boost the platelet’s production of our blood. Are your wounds getting time to heal? This is due to the low level of platelets in our bodies. Therefore, eating food items like fish, beef, and chicken can increase the level of platelets due to its high protein value. So consider adding these to your diets as well.


08. Cold liver oil and Flaxseed oil 

Cold liver oil and Flaxseed oil

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A strong immune system protects us from various types of diseases. One needs to have a proper platelet level to have a proper immune system. Both cold liver and flaxseed oil increase the blood circulation of our body. In addition, It also helps to reduce the inflammation of our body too. So try to add cold and flaxseed oil.


09. Yogurts


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Yogurts are loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered as the main component to boost platelet count in our body. Above all, probiotics included in yogurts help you to boost your immunity. So consider having a yogurt once a day.


10. Spinach 


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Spinach is a food item loaded with vitamin K. Vitamin K helps you to prevent excess blood flow during injuries. In addition, it promotes blood clotting too. In other words, this increases the level of platelets in our bodies.


So we hope that you have gained sufficient information about foods to increase blood platelets. So consider adding these into your daily diets for a proper blood circulatory system which is the key to a healthy life.

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