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12 Tips to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

Sleep is the primary human need that people feel. Excessive sleepiness creates many problems in leisure activities, and another day to day works. Thus it calls hypermedia, and it causes sleep again and again. Therefore it is not a good thing for people. Usually, if you do not get enough sleep or if you miss your night sleeping, it leads you to slow down and sours your mood. And also, daytime sleepiness generates as a result of poor sleep habits. You can use the following twelve tips as remedies for daytime sleepiness.


Get adequate nighttime sleep

Nighttime Sleep

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First of all, you should get sufficient nighttime sleep. Many people use their sleep time for different activities. For example, shaving. Indeed most adults want seven to nine hours, and teenagers need a full nine hours for their sleeping time. Therefore you should get nine or eight hours for sleeping daily.


Keep distractions out of bed

As a second way, you can keep distractions out of bed. According to Avelino MD, Verceles, professor at the University of Maryland School of drugs and director of the school’s sleep medicine fellowship, you ought to use your bed only for sleep and sex. And also you should not read books or newspapers, use laptops or computers, watch TV, play video games in your bed. They help make barriers to sleep.


Set a consistent wake – uptime

Further move, in the third tip, you can set regular wake-up time. If you have sleepiness problems, you can go to bed and wake at a similar time daily. According to Barry Krakow, MD, medical director of Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences Ltd, if you have insomnia or trouble falling asleep, it is difficult to create perfect bedtime. And also, he said that create an awake time only.


Gradually move to an earlier bedtime

This is another way to avoid daytime sleepiness. Strive to work according to a timetable and go to bed before 15 minutes each night for four nights. After that, you can get your last bedtime. Make changes to your schedule like this. Thus try to go to bed before an hour.


 Set consistent, healthy mealtimes

In fact, as a remedy for daytime sleepiness, you can use healthy mealtimes. Regular mealtimes, not just regular sleep times, support regulate our circadian rhythms. You should get a healthy breakfast and lunch on time because it is suitable for your body. Nevertheless, try to finish getting your meals two or three hours before bedtime.




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This is another approach to avoid daytime sleepiness. Doing yoga (30 minutes a day on most days) is more useful because it gives a lot of benefits for people. Especially, aerobic exercises are essential, and it helps sleep well and sleep more soundly. Activities give a lot of benefits. As examples, give more daytime energy and keep your thinking sharp. Exercising outside in daylight is more suitable because it supports regulate our sleep patterns. Therefore strive exposure to sunlight a day at least 30 minutes.


De-clutterer your schedule

Move over, this is another tip. According to Verceles, if you can’t sleep for seven or eight hours, you can create some changes in your schedule. Always try to remove not essential things from your plan. Nevertheless, try to get enough sleep at night.


Don’t go to bed until you’re sleepy

According to Krakow, do not go to bed when you are tired. Sleepiness and being tired are different feelings. Thus you should distinguish these things.


Don’t nap late in the day

Do not sleep in the afternoon because it creates many problems. Actually, it is the wrong way, and it leads to interfering with your nighttime sleep.


Create a relaxing bedtime ritual

In addition, you can use this method. A relaxation habit is useful, and it helps avoid daytime sleepiness. Overstimulating, activities and stressful events make difficulties in sleeping. Medication, listening to soothing music, reading a book, or soaking in a hot bath are everyday relaxation activities. And also, a cup of herbal tea or warm milk is soothing. However, do not go to the bathroom during your bedtime.


Avoid ‘’nightcaps.’’

This is very important because many people believe that alcohol helps sleep well. In fact, that is not correct. It makes problems in a deep sleep. Therefore consider that well.


See a sleep specialist

In conclusion, you can see a sleep specialist. Sleep disorders occur as a result of daytime sleepiness. And also, according to Krakow, daytime fatigue and tiredness occur as a result of undiagnosed and untreated sleep diseases. Some illnesses and medications cause sleepiness problems. Besides, some mental conditions connect with sleep problems. For instance, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. However, a sleep specialist can increase your sleep habits and attitudes.



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